Best Technology Services Provider for Biotech and Pharma Industry

Pharmatek Solutions Inc. is an integrated Validations, Automations and Quality business solutions provider to global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

Using our deep-domain scientific expertise and skill innovation, we help clients and sponsors to reduce turn around time, save costs, and realize maximum value, across bio pharmaceutical and medical device business functions through clinical research, compliance oversight and Audit Management, insights generation, digitalization and GxP process automation.

Our Core Values

Pharmatek Solutions Inc

Trust & Integrity

To surpass our client’s expectations through simplified business solutions and maintaining the ethical and genuine driven activities with our customer related business engagements.

Pharmatek Solutions Inc


As an organization having strong skills and expertise in the solutions provider for the client’s requirements.

Pharmatek Solutions Inc


Create, Collaborate, and organize with visibility of project goal setting and innovative ideas.

Pharmatek Solutions Inc

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

With all these to Assure Quality and Regulatory Compliance